Due to the spike in cases of Covid-19, we have decided to suspend inside seating in the restaurant for the time being. For the safety of our staff and loyal customers, we feel currently this is the appropriate action for us to take.

We will continue to offer curbside pickup and takeout options Wednesday through Saturday from 4:00pm to 8:00pm.

Orders may be placed after 2PM and will be available for pickup after 4PM. 

We will also continue offering our affordable Sunday Dinners for those in the community who have been hit hardest by the pandemic, which are available for pre-order starting Fridays after 12:30, and may be picked up from noon to 4PM on Sunday.

We thank you for your continued support of all we do here at Carpenter and Main.




Please call for details.

During these uncertain times, people's lives have been altered; their schedules and routines revised in ways few could have imagined. With social distancing and self quarantine the current norm, we are faced with the problem of serving the community safely while continuing to support our staff and continued cash flow.

As such, Carpenter and Main is offering shares of Community Supported Dining (think your farms CSA programs)For each $100 share purchased, you will be entitled to $110 of comestibles at any date in the future.
Give us a call or shoot us an e-mail and we can send you your shares via e-mail.
We thank you all in advance for your continued support.

Bruce MacLeod | Chef:Owner


Come enjoy the tastes of Vermont at Carpenter & Main – indulging in a dining experience unlike any other.


“The seasons are an integral part of life here in Vermont, and we love to share our joy of exploring their abundance and variety. We use goods from local farms year-round to help integrate the spirit and distinctive flavors of Vermont"

Chef/Owner Bruce MacLeod



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